Vacations are Good for Your Brain

Most of us look forward to taking a vacation. It’s a time of fun, relaxation, rejuvenation.
And have you noticed the feeling you get when you return to your regular routine? I know I feel recharged and ready to face life with more confidence and vigor.
Taking a vacation is a time to give your brain a break from all the hard work it’s always doing!
Considering that our brain uses more energy than any other organ in our bodies, it clearly needs a break.
Here are a few tips to get the best “brain break” on your vacation this summer:
1. Unplug Yourself!
Okay fine, even if you won’t go without your devices for a whole week, try turning off your phone for 3 hours and see what happens.
2. Spend Time in Nature
Allow your senses to keep you in the present moment. Smell the fresh air, listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, and let go of any stress on your mind.
3. Step Out of the Box
Trying something new, whether it be food or an activity, creates a sense of satisfaction and boosts self-esteem.
4. Cuddle With Someone You Love
Human touch and connection are healing and decrease the cortisol levels in your body (those are the stress hormones).
5. Set Life Goals
Forget about the day to day decision making, and think big picture. Take a bird’s-eye view of your life and reflect. Vacations are a a great time for making life plans.
I was shocked to read that most Americans don’t even use all of their vacation days! Please don’t be one of them.
Enjoy your vacation!

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