How to Keep those Happy Summer Feelings

What makes summer so great, and gives us that happier, more relaxed way of thinking?  BBQ’s, fireworks, and carefree fun, to name a few things.
It seems that taking time to enjoy the weather, family and friends gets lost as the days become shorter and people go back to busy schedules and structured routines.

Here are a few tips to keep the spirit of summer going this fall:

1) Eat Outside – Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean that meals have to be back inside.

2) Plan an Adventure -Take a day to try out something different whether it is going to a new playground or becoming a tourist in a neighboring town.

3) Stay Connected – We tend to get lost in our schedules. Have a family game night or schedule a day where everyone sits down for a meal.

4) Let the Kids Choose – Pick a day that the kids choose an activity or a meal. You might be surprised with what they come up with!

5) Be Mindful of a Packed Schedule – It can be overwhelming. Try to have a day, or even a night that is open and carefree.