Eat Dinner Together. Yes It’s that Simple.

Why is family dinner time so important? 

We’re usually all so consumed with having to take this one to baseball, this one to soccer and that one to karate.
However, when we make family time, dinner time in particular, you are making a statement that family time is a priority.According to recent studies, there are significant positive effects of having consistent dinners together as a family:

  • Higher self esteems
  • Higher self-image
  • Higher grade point averages
  • Lower rates of substance abuse
  • Lower rates of teen pregnancy
  • Lower rates depression
  • Lower chance of obesity
Family dinner time allows everyone to connect and learn to communicate with each other and build healthy relationships.
When everyone sits in different rooms at different times to eat, there are no connections being made.
But when you sit as a family, the message is, “we matter as a family, as a unit, and you are part of it.”Start with whatever you can, even just one day a week. Make it mandatory that everyone has to be there.

And please don’t say there’s no time. It’s up to you to make the time. And when you make the time, your family will be stronger for it.

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