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Lauren is available as a Keynote Speaker for events related to parenting, teen mental health, and the impact of social media on the developing mind. Lauren is also available for Presentations at schools, community organizations, and private sector businesses looking to provide educational support to employees.

If you would like to invite Lauren Muriello, LPC to speak at your event, please contact us today.

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Upcoming dates for Lauren’s community presentations can be found on our Events page.

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Speaking Event Program Details:

1. Programs for Parents (Daytime or Evening Presentations)

  • “The Impact of Social Media on Teens” (M.S. & H.S. parents)
  • “Parenting Gen Z & Alpha: Raising Critical Thinkers with Healthy Minds” (K-5, or M.S. & H.S. parents)
  • “Helping Your Teen Develop Healthy Coping Skills for Life” (M.S. & H.S. parents)

(Read a review of Lauren’s presentation at Livingston High School.)

2. School Programs for Middle School & High School Students (Daytime Presentations)

  • “Being a Teen in the Social Media Age” (Screens, Tech, Social Media)
  • “Your Teen Brain: How to Make it Work for You” (Healthy Coping Skills program)
  • “Healthy Body Image”
  • “Making Smart Decisions for YOU: Tips for a Safe & Fun Prom”

3. Programs for School Professionals and Healthcare Professionals

  • “The Impact of Social Media on Teens: What Educators Must Know for School Success”
  • “Gen Z in the Classroom: Managing Anxiety & Tech Addicted Students”

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If you would like to invite Lauren Muriello, LPC to your event, please contact us today.