Couples & Marriage Counseling

We specialize in:


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  • Marriage & Couples Counseling
  • Divorce Support & Counseling
  • Communication Issues
  • Intimacy Problems
  • Infidelity Issues
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Experimenting with Drugs   Alcohol
  • and more…


Research1 shows that couples counseling is an effective way to help couples who are experiencing:

  1. Repetitive arguments
  2. Feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship
  3. Feelings of anger towards one another
  4. Resentment or dissatisfaction with the other person
  5. Lack of interest in affection or in a physical relationship with the other person


Research2 shows that the majority (75%) of couples who go to couples counseling are “better off than similar couples” who do not go to therapy.


Well Being Therapy Center offers individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, teen therapy, children therapy, and group therapy sessions in a comfortable setting. We look forward to welcoming you into our practice, and helping you to achieve your optimal Well Being.

1Friedlander, M. (1997) The scientific basis of couples and family therapy research. Allyn and Bacon: Boston.

2Gottman, J. M. (1993). A theory of marital dissolution and stability.Journal of Family Psychology, 7, 57-75; Center for Addiction and Mental Health. Couple therapy: Factors influencing a couple’s relationship.