Mother Daughter Workshops

Facilitated by our Founder Lauren Muriello, LPC

Are you noticing too much: 

  • Fighting, yelling, lots of conflicts
  • Hearing your teen say (or shout) things like: “You don’t understand!” “Leave me alone!”
  • Walking on eggshells
  • Constantly reminding her to do homework and chores
  • Giving in and giving up

Do you need to:

  • Resolve conflicts calmly (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Learn how to open up and share important feelings
  • Develop a healthy balance of independence and connection
  • Explore sexuality, gender, and hard-to-discuss topics


In these unique workshops, Lauren combines over 20 years of experience and research to create a deeply meaningful experience that has the potential to change the course of your relationship for years to come.

Note from Lauren 

“These workshops are the culmination of 20 years working with teens and parents. Prepare to have a life-changing experience, because that it my true hope for you all.” -Lauren Muriello LPC, Founder




Seriously Practical. Deeply Meaningful.

Our Mother Daughter Workshops will teach you practical strategies to improve your relationship immediately (and strengthen your lifelong bond).



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