Choice Gives You (and Your Kids) a Sense of Control

Over the past two years, the pandemic has changed and affected people’s lives in countless ways. For some, the pandemic has led to a sense of powerlessness or a decline in feelings of well being. For others, the pandemic has created new opportunities for positive changes to lifestyle.
While there are many complex reasons for the varying impacts the pandemic has had on people’s lives, it is helpful to consider “the power of choice” and how we can benefit from understanding this concept.

Choice Theory, developed by Dr. William Glasser, states that all human behavior is the result of choices, and that these choices are the sole responsibility of the chooser.

The power of choice helps one to regain a sense of power, to feel empowered to make changes, to improve relationships.

How can you regain a sense of power? The answer is in how you choose to perceive a situation. What do you choose to believe? How do you choose to feel? What do you choose to do?

Try these tips:
Here are some helpful tips for making positive choices that can help you to regain that sense of power:

1. Choose to stop making comparisons. Choose to appreciate your unique gifts and talents.

2. Choose to reframe your thoughts to put your challenges into perspective. This can restore a sense of personal autonomy. For example, instead of “This is just awful, I’ll never get through it,” try this: “This too will pass and I can grow from this experience.”

3. Choose to confront problems that are within your reach and try to avoid allowing problems to pile up.

4. Choose to reset your expectations for what you (and your children) can achieve and acknowledge the limit of circumstances.

5. Choose to take care of yourself. Engage in enjoyable self-care activities like walking, exercise, cooking nutritious meals, talking with friends, meeting with your therapist, and mindfulness.

6. Choose to use daily mantras to “rewire” negative thinking. Try repeating positive statements at least 3 times in a row. “I can get through this.” “I am capable.” “I deserve to rest today.”

Remember, we’re here to help.

Here’s to Your Well Being,

Maria Antoniou, LMFT
Licensed Therapist