4 Tips for Cultivating Self-Worth (Because You Deserve That)

From Self-Doubt to Self-Worth

As we settle into 2022, many of us find that we have already started to veer from our New Year’s resolutions. Oftentimes we’ve fallen into the trap of setting unrealistic goals that come from a place of guilt rather than setting intentions that come from a place of empowerment. When we fail to meet our goals we experience disappointment that impacts our sense of self worth. For 2022, I encourage everyone to set an intention to cultivate self-worth. Below are tips on how to do just that, by showing up for yourself in these ways day after day. 

Tips for Cultivating Self-Worth

1. Forgive Yourself. Be mindful to let go of your past mistakes or struggles. Reliving failures or setbacks that generate guilt, shame, and self-doubt only allow those emotions to linger. If you are reminded of moments when you were not at your best, do what you can to shift perspective to how you’ve learned from such moments and grown to be a better you.

2. Aim for Self-Acceptance. Embrace your differences and the uniqueness that makes you who you are. Whether it’s your appearance, personality, or even your feelings, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Turn your energy and attention to things you like about yourself. 

3. Practice Self-Compassion. Treat yourself with kindness and respect. Be aware of self-criticism and refrain from harsh judgment toward yourself. Instead increase positive self talk and offer yourself comfort and reassurance, just as you would for a loved one. 

4. Connect with Supportive People. Allow yourself to share and be vulnerable. Ask for help and accept help. Lean into the discomfort of genuinely sharing and connecting to overcome the urge to isolate or pull away from others.  

Here’s to Your Well Being!
Natalie Edelhauser, LCSW
Licensed Therapist