Tips for Waking Up on Dark, Cold Mornings

As we’ve welcomed the cool days of Fall, most of us agree that one difficult adjustment is waking up to colder, darker mornings. We go from being awoken by gentle summer sunlight peering through our window to alarm clocks sounding at what feels like 3am. Just like any transition, it can be tough to adapt to and can put us in a bad mood before the day has even begun. So what can you do?

Here are a few tips to find the light through dark mornings:
1) Make your alarm sound purposeful
Most of us are using our phones for alarms these days and one positive to that is that we can choose what the alarm sounds like. Think about the first thing you’d like to hear in the morning that will get you motivated and excited for the day. Maybe it’s calming music, or maybe it’s a specific song that means something special.

2) Start the day with something warm
On cold mornings, you should look forward to putting on cozy slippers and making hot coffee or tea. A hot breakfast or shower is also a great idea to keep the warmth flowing throughout the morning routine. Use visualization to imagine how delicious the hot drink will taste or how soothing a hot shower will feel.

3) Use soft light
Nobody wants to turn on full lights after waking up in darkness. It might be worth investing in soft lamps or a night-light that can ease you into waking up completely. When the sun isn’t available at all hours of the day, we need to improvise!

4) Practice an attitude of gratitude
It has been proven that beginning your day with positive thinking can drastically affect your mood for the better. An easy way to practice this behavior is to identify things you are grateful for. Before even opening your eyes in the morning, find three things you are grateful for right now. This positive mindset will start you off on the right foot, no matter how cold and dark it feels outside.

Keep these tips in mind and you will stay warm and bright all season long.

Here’s to your Well Being!

Kendall Klas, LCSW
Licensed Therapist