From Conflict to Calm

Most of us hope for healthy and supportive relationships throughout our lives. Healthy connections with others is a natural human need. These positive relationships provide a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives. However, even the best relationships invariably have moments of conflict or disconnection.

Being mindful of how we speak and what we say is key to cultivating positive connections.
This type of “mindful communication” allows us to traverse barriers and find our way back to healthy connection with our loved ones.

Before you enter a difficult discussion, or if you notice strong emotions emerging during a conversation, you can use a positive intention to help bring you back to a place of calmer awareness.

I invite you to create your own intentions, but here are some suggestions as a helpful guide:

  • I listen with compassion and curiosity.
  • I listen to understand a different perspective and experience.
  • I center myself before starting a difficult conversation.
  • I pay attention to context (is my loved one tired, hungry or have they had a rough day?)
  • I offer compassion and extend grace.

While we may expect others to change, the only real control we have is over our own communication choices.
Being mindful, and setting intentions for how we communicate, can have a profoundly positive impact on our relationships.

Here’s to Your Well Being!
Aliza Mendel, LCSW
Licensed Therapist