Staycation Spring Break Ideas! Minimize Stress, Maximize Fun!

We know that many of you are about to embark upon a stay-at-home Spring Break without even the somewhat structured days of online schooling.

So our entire staff came together to create a list of ways to keep your family smiling, bonding, and relaxing.

Of course, cranky moments and even emotional outbursts are to be expected at times. Remember, we’re all dealing with a very unusual situation, and kids often express emotions at times you would least expect it. The meltdown over a broken nail is likely the emotional build up from the COVID-19 lock down.

So plan ahead to minimize stress and maximize fun!

Staycation Spring Break Ideas:

Make a Boredom Box! Watch this video of Jodi and her daughter demonstrating the “Boredom Box” – perfect for when your kids say “I’m bored!”
-Jodi Murphy, LCSW, Staff Therapist & Clinical Director

Calm nerves and stay present as a family. Why not allow yourself to sleep in late or luxuriate in a bubble bath?  Try Yoga using videos or “visiting” a Yoga studio that has classes on zoom. Have a family dance party or basketball game in the driveway, or plan a bike ride – together!
-Aliza Mendel, LCSW, Staff Therapist

Try going to a virtual zoo or aquarium. Many zoos are offering live, online streams of their animals and exhibits such as the San Diego Zoo and Georgia Aquarium.
-Erminia Severini, LPC, Staff Therapist

Try a “Spa day” for kids and teens at home! Manicures and pedicures, face masks, baths, foot massages, etc. Everyone could enjoy an Epsom salt bath too!!
-Kendall Klas, LCSW, Staff Therapist

Families can try “Theme Days” for the entire week of Spring Break. Try having a crazy hair day, dress up day (where something nice), board game marathon day, workout day (take some walks), learn something new day (everyone picks something they want to teach a family member); mindfulness day (notice something you didn’t really notice before). Get creative and have fun!
-Maria Antoniou, LMFT, Staff Therapist

A fun activity for younger kids is to create a “gratitude jar” from any plastic jar that’s been emptied out (mayo, applesauce, etc) and fill it with a pebble, bead, marble each time a family member shares something they are grateful for. Pick a time daily to do this – like before dinner, during family time, after night routine, etc.  For older teens, a scavenger hunt or wildlife exploration walk outside using an app like Seek or iNaturalist.
-Natalie Edelahuser, LCSW, Staff Therapist

Try playing Bingo outside “with” your neighbors. The caller can use a bullhorn while everyone stays in their yards. There are free printable cards online. Weather permitting, everyone uses their own lawn chair, maintaining a safe distance, and having fun!
-Julie Luke, Client Support Manager

Setup an outdoor net to play badminton or volleyball as a family over spring break!
-Carrie Kelleher, Center Coordinator

I love playing board games and backyard games (like Corn Hole). But remember to also connect with kids and teens using technology – where they feel so comfortable! Try family games on your devices like “Psych” by Ellen or “Pigeon Games” on an iPhone. And remember, your teens can join us weekdays on our free live stream at:
-Lauren Muriello, LPC, Founder

Here’s to your Well Being!
The Well Being Therapy Center Staff