Our Founder, Lauren Muriello, featured in NJ Family Magazine article about how families are using TikTok to bond & have fun during quarantine.

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Muriello recommends setting aside time every day for fun. “Don’t talk about coronavirus, news, schoolwork. Just have some fun,” and “What tween doesn’t want to log on to TikTok for some fun?” 

Limits are important, of course. TikTok’s quick feedback and short-attention-span format can become very addicting (don’t we know it). As such, Muriello suggests that 15-30 minutes a day is plenty. She also suggests creating a new account to keep family videos separate from their personal one (thank goodness, say kids everywhere). 

Loving the likes? “Make sure you strike a balance between family bonding time and giving your kids the space to connect with their friends in private. All the usual rules and guidelines apply, but we can celebrate the ability to stay connected to friends through social media. Just remember to put the phones down every day too, and schedule non-tech bonding,” advises Muriello, noting that board games, puzzles, workouts, walks, movie nights, are just a few alternatives for breaking and bonding sans tech. 

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