Rushing Every Morning? Here’s How to Break the Pattern

How many of you find yourselves rushing all of the time? Rushing to get things ready in the morning. Rushing to grab lunch for the kids. Quickly directing your kids to get their shoes on, brush their teeth, and on and on. All while trying to get everyone out the door to school on time so you can get to work or your next appointment.

Did reading that just trigger a feeling of anxiety? Relatable? Absolutely!

I encourage you to ask yourself:
Are you over-scheduling your kids?
Pushing too hard for achievement?
Expecting your kids to be more like adults?

These can all lead to feelings of anxiety, irritability, and lower self-worth in your kids.

What can you do to break this habit?

1. Get on the same team: Without expecting our kids to “just get it done,” let’s
help them. Show them how to do things more efficiently by working together and modeling how to cooperate.

2. Start earlier and prepare the environment: Wake up earlier to prepare. Just 5-10 minutes of extra time for you to prepare can lead to a feeling of relaxation. If you are more relaxed, they will be more relaxed.

3. Remove distractions: Create a calm environment without distractions to help children focus on getting ready. Turn off the TV and put away devices!

4. Give choices and provide an incentive: This can help motivate children to get ready by giving them a sense of control.

5. Acknowledge their progress: Celebrate small wins to build confidence and motivation. Say something like, “Great teamwork, we finished on time.”

6. Press “reset”: If things start to spiral in emotional outbursts, take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and start fresh.

Here’s to Your Well Being!

Maria Antoniou, LMFT
Licensed Therapist