How to Make Gift Giving Better

As joyful as the holidays are supposed to be, they are often a time of high stress – filled with planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, commitments, and more.

All of these factors can impact whether you actually feel joy throughout the season. One of the biggest stressors during the holiday season is gift-giving – trying to figure out what to buy, last-minute shopping, financial stress, and comparisons.

One way we can try to alleviate some of that stress is to re-think the meaning of gift-giving.

What makes gift-giving meaningful to you? Is it related to how much you spend on the gift? How trendy the gift is? How perfectly is it wrapped?
Perhaps instead you can view gift-giving as an opportunity to create a deeper connection with another person in your life. The gift itself can be a symbol of your love and appreciation of the other person.

Here are some ideas for making gift-giving more meaningful, and less stressful.

Meaningful Gift Giving Ideas
1. Create a picture collage of a memory or experience
2. Write a poem and place it in a picture frame
3. Get tickets to a show to see with a friend, family, or for date night
4. Create a coupon book for activities to engage in with different loved ones (lunch date, game night, movie night, spa day, etc.)
5. Paint a small canvas with the receiver’s favorite colors
6. Think of your skills and use those skills to create a unique gift

And let’s not forget about how important you are! Try gifting a gift to yourself. You matter too!

Gift Giving Ideas for You
1. Massage
2. Date night with spouse or best friend
3. Alone time reading a great book
4. Go for a walk in a beautiful place with no devices
5. Spa Day at home or at a spa
6. Take a nap when you normally wouldn’t

Wishing youall a Joyful Holiday Season!

Maria Antoniou, LMFT
Licensed Therapist