Parent Program: Helping Your Teen Develop Healthy Coping Skills for Life

Pequonnack, NJ
Our Founder, Lauren Muriello LPC, will be presenting helpful tips to parents of teens: "How to Help your Teen Develop Coping Skills for Life. Real Tips for Positive Coping & Successful Parenting." Topics include: -What's happening in the adolescent brain - Healthy coping skills - Wh...

Student Program: The Impact of Social Media on Teens

Dover, NJ
Founder Lauren Muriello, LPC will present to students at Dover High School on the impact of social media on teens. Lauren will address how technology is addicting and how teens need to learn to control technology before it has negative adverse effects on their well being.

Morris County School Counselor Meeting

Morristown, NJ
Lauren will be meeting with the Morris County Student Assistant Counselor (SAC) group to provide insights on the impact of social media and teens, and faciliate a discussion on how our schools can best help.

Students Programs: Healthy Coping (3-5); Social Media (6-8)

Mountainside, NJ
Lauren will be presenting to the students of Deerfield School on these very important topics. Grades 3-5 - Healthy coping; Developing social and emotional skills; Mindfulness training Grades 6-8 - The impact of social media - staying safe and smart