Back to School (or Back to Screens?)

Hopefully you and your kids all enjoyed a great summer with more family time, outdoor time, hangs with friends, and relaxation. Whether or not your kids and teens got a break from screens and social media this summer, now is the time to evaluate and set guidelines for healthy screen use for the upco...

Why Social Media is like Junk Food

We live in a world where tech companies make apps that are intentionally addictive, and prey upon the human desire to be liked. Stop falling for the "junk food" of the internet, and take control.
For years, our founder has been speaking out ab...

How To Clean Up Your Kid’s Smartphone Habits (Now.)


Advice-Filled Interview Series

Odyssey Teen Camp interviewed Lauren about the most important and trending issues for parents raising teens today. These short videos are just 3-5 minutes.
Time to clean up bad tech habits and set your family up for success for the new school year. Follow this guide and you will get results.