Tips for Better Sleep (Tonight)

Fun Fact: Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. Read these tips below so you can get a good night's sleep too.  
May is Better Sleep Month. I have no doubt most of you know the basics of good sleep hygiene - no screens befor...

Why Social Media is like Junk Food

We live in a world where tech companies make apps that are intentionally addictive, and prey upon the human desire to be liked. Stop falling for the "junk food" of the internet, and take control.
For years, our founder has been speaking out ab...

Give Your Kids the Power of Choice

All people like having choices because it makes us feel in control. Our brains are wired to equate control with a better chance of survival, and so choice feels good. We can use this biological mechanism in our parenting. Allowing children to have choice in their lives will help them develop better ...

Do You Have a Very Shy Child or Teen?

Tips For Supporting Your Shy Child or Teen Most parents of more than one child will tell you that their children came into the world with distinct personalities. We all begin with our own unique temperament. Some children tend to be cautious observers right from infancy. Parents ...