Eat Dinner Together. Yes It’s that Simple.

Why is family dinner time so important? 
We're usually all so consumed with having to take this one to baseball, this one to soccer and that one to karate. However, when we make family time, dinner time in particular, you are making a statement that family time is a priority...

How Do I Control My Emotions?

Clients often tell me they notice themselves having an emotional outburst without even knowing how they got into that state. I tell them what they are not noticing is that their emotional and physical reactions almost always precede their thinking. Our bodies are aware of stress or threa...

Is Your Teen Using Drugs?

Parents are often worried or confused about changes in their teenager. It's sometimes difficult to decipher typical adolescent behavior from what may be a result of drug use. Here are some signs that your teen may be abusing drugs or alcohol:
  • Skipping class, declinin...

Lauren Talks Body Image. 475 Middle School Girls Listen.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I was thrilled when my colleague at Lazar Middle School asked me if I would speak to all 475 middle school girls for their Girls Empowerment program last Thursday. This is my passion! Helping young girls develop healthy, positive ways of thinking about themselves now...