Let Your Teen Fail

I recently was inspired by attending a discussion for parents with Jessica Laher about the ideas from her book “The Gift of Failure.” The book highlights how many parents do not allow their kids to fail, struggle and help themselves. They often are misguided by their desire to make their ki...

Being Silent for One Day

I recently attended a day-long silent meditation retreat as a part of an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. It was an insightful experience that left me with a “hangover” of peace and inner calm. During the past several years I had the best intentions to care for myself by diet...

How to Keep those Happy Summer Feelings

What makes summer so great, and gives us that happier, more relaxed way of thinking?  BBQ's, fireworks, and carefree fun, to name a few things. It seems that taking time to enjoy the weather, family and friends gets lost as the days become shorter and people go back to busy schedules and structure...

Vacations are Good for Your Brain

Most of us look forward to taking a vacation. It's a time of fun, relaxation, rejuvenation.
And have you noticed the feeling you get when you return to your regular routine? I know I feel recharged and ready to face life with more confidence and vigor.