How the Arts Can Impact Kids & Teens

To Be or Not To Be (Involved in the Arts)

We have reached a time where arts programs at our schools are being removed at a rapid pace. While many parents put value in academics or sports, (as they should!) we can’t let the arts fall far behind. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts during adolescence can result in many positive outcomes.

Connection and Expression
Teens often have difficulty verbalizing and communicating their emotions in appropriate ways. Being creative through various artistic outlets can allow teens to connect with their emotion and express themselves authentically. Adolescence is a time where autonomy and independence is craved. Encouraging these skills in a colorful, creative, and safe way can teach tools for emotional regulation that serve well into adulthood.

Problem Solving and Confidence
To create something artistic and beautiful takes determination, focus, and courage. Teens can learn how to take control of their creativity and create art in a way that works for them. Additionally, using the imagination to see something come to life, whether it be on paper, on a stage, or through music, allows confidence to be boosted and self-worth improved.

How Can Parents Help?
1. Have a few basic art supplies set up in a special area in the home to encourage creativity during free time.
2. Purchase your teen tickets to a show or music event for their next birthday.
3. Enroll your teen in an art, music, dance, or acting class if they show interest.

Sometimes seeing other teens engaging artistically can spark a creative fire! So parents, keep in mind that taking the time to support your adolescent with painting, singing, photography, acting, sculpting, or dancing can help transform your spunky, unpredictable teen into a well-rounded, emotionally intelligent adult.

Here’s to your creativity!
Kendall Klas, LCSW
Licensed Therapist