A Month of Gratitude

November is here and it’s time to get our Thanksgiving On. What better time to have a month of gratitude? It’s been 7 months now since our worlds have all changed, and we have all made many adjustments. There is still much that we do not have control over, and things that are still so uncertain. With that said, there is also so much to be grateful for. 

Many recent studies conclude that showing gratitude not only sounds nice, but also has a measurable positive impact on physical and mental health: expressing gratitude boosts mood, decreases feelings of depression and anxiety, shifts the heart rhythm, and increases resilience.

Have you ever wondered how showing gratitude could affect your day? Well, researchers found that a simple, “Thank You” has been shown to increase employee productivity by 50%. So, why aren’t we all trying it?  Let’s all make November the “Month of Gratitude.”

Here are some ways you can show gratitude:

1. Plan a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt with the kids.
Check out this example on Pinterest.

2. Practice random acts of kindness.
One example of this would be smiling at someone through a car window, or surprising a friend with a homemade card in their mailbox. Get creative!

3. Try a 21-Day Gratitude Journal.
Here are some great journal prompts to get you started. is an example.

4. Spend time with family and friends and practice gratitude together.
Whether over Zoom or in the yard on a sunny Fall day, taking time to bond and share your gratitude lists is sure to warm you.

5. Get involved with charity work. 
There are several ways to get involved during this unique time. You can drop off supplies at a local food pantry, or help support our front line workers.
Find out how you can get involved in your local community.

Here’s to Your Well Being,
Jodi Murphy, LCSW