Start Planning Now for a Positive Summer

The past year has presented many challenges for maintaining social connections and nurturing friendships. Children and teens have felt the impact of this even more significantly, given that they typically rely on school or organized group activities to connect and interact.

The isolation caused by the pandemic has negatively impacted social skills, development, and mental wellness as children and teens are turning increasingly to electronic devices and screens for engagement and entertainment.

As we make our way toward summer break, what we know kids do not need is even more unstructured time. Luckily, there are numerous summer programs that offer socialization, mastery of new skills, physical activity, adventure, and fun.

Start planning now by talking with your kids about their interests, and finding summer programs that you think are a great match.

Here are some of our favorite summer programs and camps in NJ and surrounding areas:

Day Camps:

  1. Mountain Lakes YMCA – Mountain Lakes, NJ
  2. Willow Lake – Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  3. Spring Lake – Ringwood, NJ
  4. Jeff Lake – Stanhope, NJ

Local Sports, Arts, Tech Programs

  1. Fine Arts Connection – Montville, NJ
  2. School of Rock – Wayne, Montclair, Randolph, Chatham, NJ
  3. Montclair Art Museum – Montclair, NJ
  4. USA Sports Group – Northern NJ
  5. ID Tech – Virtual and On-Campus
  6. Check your town’s recreation department for local programs in your town

Sleep Away “Session” Camps:

  1. Odyssey Teen Camp – Berkshires / Tolland, MA
  2. Chestnut Lake Camp – Beach Lake, PA
  3. Lindenmere Camp – Henryville, PA

Camp Finder Search Tool
Or search by location, activity, unique needs, and more with the American Camp Association camp finder tool.

Here’s to your Well Being!

Natalie Edelhauser, LCSW
Licensed Therapist