Staff In-Service: Mindfulness in the Classroom: Creating Wellness for Students & Staff

Our founder, Lauren Muriello LPC, will present “Helping Students Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom and Beyond” to Staff at the Woodmont Elementary School in the Montville school district.

Topics covered:

  1. Etiology of Anxiety in Children and Teenagers
    1. Common triggers
    2. Common symptoms
    3. What’s happening in the brain
  2. Strategies for Helping Students Manage Symptoms of Anxiety
    1. Meeting the individual mental health needs of students
    2. Techniques for use in the classroom
  1. Current research findings related to the adolescent brain
    1. Preventative approaches to classroom wellness — Creating an environment with less stress and anxiety for all students
  1. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
  2. Mindfulness Techniques
    1. Demonstration of learned skills through use of Brain Wave Monitor Headband
    2. Breakout groups for practicing strategies and teaching techniques
    1. The Teacher’s Role in fostering decreased anxiety
  1. Creating new routines for well being in the classroom
    1. The Counselor’s Role in fostering decreased anxiety
  1. Collaboration and implementation of effective strategies
  1. Collaboration between Counselors and Teachers
    1. Effective approaches
    2. Barriers to success
  2. Strategies for Helping Parents Manage Symptoms of Anxiety
    1. How to deal with difficult parents
  3. Case Studies
    1. School Refusal
    2. Classroom anxiety
    3. Panic Attacks
    4. Shared symptoms in social groups