Online Teen Support Groups

Enrollment Details

  • Parents enroll their teen for a 4-week group session.
  • Your teen is emailed instructions to get them started.
  • At the completion of the initial 4-week session, teens can easily continue to participate. Parents may enroll their teen in another 4-week session at any time.
  • Our groups are hosted on a secure HIPPA compliant server with SSL certification.



  • $25 per week = $100 per 4-week session; paid at time of enrollment


Who Should Enroll?

  • Our online support groups are designed for all teens who can benefit from:
    • positive social connections
    • increased self-esteem
    • healthy ways of dealing with emotions (stress, anxiety, depression)
    • a safe space to share and learn, away from public social media and its many negative effects


What About In-Person Teen Groups?

Our online groups work perfectly as a supplement to our popular in-person Teen Groups, or for teens who are unable to make it to the groups that meet at our offices.


Guiding Principles of Our Groups

  • Jump In: Join the discussion anytime.  Everyone is welcomed and included.
  • Be Yourself: You can express your true thoughts and feelings here without being judged.
  • Be Supportive: Give encouragement, positive feedback, or advice based on your own experiences.
  • Believe in Your Ability: Take the positive feelings and new skills that you get from the group and put them into action in your life.



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